Makeup And Sun Protection

Ultraviolet rays are very harsh on your skin and can have many negative effects. Too much sun exposure can make your skin age rapidly and can also increase your chance of skin cancer. Now I am not saying that you should go into your beach bag and slop on as much sunscreen as possible, that would be ridiculous. What I am saying is be conscious of what you can do to avoid heavy sun exposure and find ways to protect your skin. With the right cosmetics that have SPF you can also protect your skin while applying makeup. You can read more about protecting your skin at Yeg Fitness

Sun exposure over a long period of time can cause photoaging. Sun exposure comes in many shapes and forms. For example, walking your dog, checking the mail, taking the window seat on a train etc. All these things are common examples of sun exposure that occur day to day. Now your probably not going to see the effects of sun exposure from only walking to the mailbox, but the combination of all the sun exposure you see day to day starts to add up.

So how do you prevent this day to day sun exposure? My first tip is to use a sunscreen-containing moisturizer. If you apply this to your face, ears, neck and upper chest you give yourself a great layer of protection to start the day.

Just a note if you are using a lipstick that is high gloss these gloss lipsticks will act like baby oil and will direct UV rays to your lips and damage them. You can also use a colorless lip balm that is SPF rated to protect your lips.

Next apply your foundation. When you pick out your foundation, you definitely want to get a SPF rated foundation. It may seem like a little bit of over kill doubling up on the SPF coverage but if its better to play it safe with the sun protection. When you have to SPF rated cosmetics layered you have good full coverage to ensure your skin is protected from those harmful ultraviolet rays.

I would cover the foundation with powder. Powder is great because the small particles that make up powder help add another layer of protection to your skin. When you apply the powder, it helps keep your first two layers of cosmetics in place. You need that layer of powder because as you perspire your sunscreen is washed away and you lose coverage. Over the three layers you have already added you can apply the rest of your makeup.
For day to day use cosmetics that are SPF rated will do the trick, but if you are going to be in the sun for a long period of time you will need an actual sunscreen. If you are swimming or playing a sport, you will want a sunscreen that is water-resistant so that you can maintain accurate SPF coverage. You should reapply sunscreen every couple of hours so that you maintain accurate coverage.

I hope that this helps you understand how crucial it is to maintain accurate coverage of your skin. If you protect your skin from harmful UV rays you set yourself up for long term skin health and beauty.