Same Workout Same Results?

If you have been going from workout to workout and not being getting any positive results its time for a think. A reshuffle of your mind so to speak. After a while your body gets used to doing the same fitness program. Thats where the principle of shock treatment gets applied in bodybuilding routines. But after a while the shock treatment becomes unshockable.

Why is this? First of all your body is designed to do a job in the most effective way possible. It was not designed to carry loads of muscles or fat, as that would require excess amount of fuel to satisfy its needs. Muscles require a lot of oxygen, nitrogen and glucose to build and sustain them.

When you workout and put a stress load on the muscles that it is not used to, it begins to tear down its muscle fibers. It then creates new ones that are bigger and stronger so they can cope with the new load. Do this often and regular enough and they will grow. Well thats the principle anyway. But it falls down after repeated use.

Remember I said at the start of the article that the body is efficient, it wants basically to do the thing you are asking it to do (pump iron) in the most efficient way. It doesnt want large muscles and will adapt to getting stronger without necessarily getting bigger. This is essentially even more noticeable the longer you train for. Gains get harder, especially as you reach your genetic peak.

Of course this can be circumnavigated with steroids, but after a while they will also produce only minimal results. What is needed is an intelligent science based gym routine. You can sustain intense effort every time you go to the gym for weeks or months without end. You need to also decrease the training sessions to 30-60 minutes but focus on intensity.

Keep the sessions brief but also ramp up the intensity over several weeks before you hit your peak effort stage. Once you enter into this training zone focus all the effort you can in your short exercise sessions, but only keep this going for a week or 2. Any longer and your body will no recover. You also will not make much muscle gains if you stay at this pace for longer than 1-3 weeks.

A slow exercise build up is key for this training cycle to be effective. Once it finishes you can take a week off out of the gym and then start up again slowly. Train not only hard, but with intelligence.