7 Tips For Better Makeup

Before focusing on your makeup tactics, you should ensure that you have a good skin care regimen so that you start with a great base foundation to work from.

Stop applying eyeshadow after concealer

To avoid the shadow falling all over the eye area, that you worked so hard on, apply your eyeshadow before applying under eye concealer. Just place the concealer below your lower lash line.

Watch where you apply your blush

You ever see the person that looks like they are auditioning to be in a circus. Most of the time that look is because of too much blush applied to your cheeks. When you apply the blush start on the apple of your cheek and go outward while you blend.

Limit the coats of mascara

When you apply a couple coats of mascara your eye lashes are likely to dry while you apply it. When the mascara dries to quickly, often you get clumping and that spider look. You should only need one application, if this isnt enough you should consider buying a thicker formula. Another added benefit of reducing your mascara coats is saving money. The savings arent huge, but they are another added benefit of reducing your mascara coats.

Your lipstick might be too dark

Many women are after that dark sexy lipstick shade but darker isnt always better. Sometimes that dark lipstick you think looks great can have an adverse effect on your look. A shade too dark can make your lips look tiny and your face look aged, and I dont think that is the look you are after. The only exception to this is if your specific look is purposely trying to stand out.

Watch the bronzer

Bronzer is great. Dont get me wrong Im not saying to never use bronzer again, but too much can take you in the wrong direction. Many desire that Just came off the beach look and think bronzer is their one way ticket. If you are fair-skinned, layering the bronzer on is not going to give you a tanned look. Bronzer should be used as an accent to your face not as a mask. You can use a light amount of bronzer and still make a huge difference.

Prepare your lips for a great lipstick application

As much as it may seem like a hassle taking the time to prep your lipstick helps to give a much better application. When your lips are dry under the lipstick normally the application doesnt look very good. Take a couple extra minutes and exfoliate your chapped lips so that the application goes on smoothly.

Stop using expired makeup

I know you spent a lot of money on that make up or you absolutely love that shade, but when its expired it’s time for it to go. Make up has an expiration date that is there for a reason. It’s not worth the risk replace the makeup when it is old. You can use this opportunity to try some new make up when your old one expires, or you can order less so that you get the most out of your purchase.

I hope that these few tips help give you valuable information for applying makeup.