How To Identify If You Have Got Cellulite


It is undesirable for women to have, which is why despite not being an actual disease, there are tons of research and treatments developed specifically for cellulite. What Is Cellulite? Cellulite is simply fat cells that bunch together under the skin and the septa, or fibrous bands, running perpendicular to the skin’s surface. The bands form mini pockets where the these enlarged fat cells end up bunching together.

Looking Hot for 365 Days


One year has different seasons but there is no need to drop your hotness. No matter the time of the year it is still possible to be a drop dead gorgeous. All that is needed are tips to keep you going throughout the seasons.


1.Invest in a humidifier

If your heating system doesn't have a built-in humidifier, place a portable unit in your bedroom to add extra moisture into the air and prevent dry skin and eyes in the winter.