Natural Beauty Recipes For Glowing Skin

Although you can beat modern salon rejuvenation treatments for results, natural treatments also have their place, particulalry when it comes to prevention. Learn how to get glowing skin naturally by using any of these natural beauty recipes for a homemade face mask, to nourish and improve skin tone and health.

Wondering how to get glowing skin naturally, without having to use expensive skin care products? While healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a nutrient-rich diet and drinking plenty of pure water are essential to having beautiful skin, using natural beauty recipes for glowing skin is another part of good skin care and maintenance. Try using a homemade face mask one to two times a week to nourish cells, remove impurities, and create a smooth, glowing complexion.

Natural Beauty Recipes with Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extractions of plants. One to two drops of certain aromatherapy oils can be used in homemade recipes for glowing, beautiful skin. Frankincense for example promotes cellular regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties. Geranium and lavender have a balancing, normalizing effect. Sandalwood and linden are skin moisturizers and rose has natural astringent properties. Try any of the following natural beauty recipes to improve the well-being of your skin with essential oils.

For a moisturizing, homemade face mask combine:

1 drop of sandalwood essential oil

1 teaspoon wheat germ or jojoba oil

Gently massage into the face. Leave on for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water.

For a refreshing, toning, natural face mask use:

1 drop of rose essential oil

1 drop of yarrow essential oil

1 tablespoon aloe vera gel

Apply a thin layer to the face. Leave on for fifteen minutes while relaxing. Wash off and pat dry.

Avocado Homemade Face Mask Recipes
Avocado is a wonderful ingredient in face mask recipes for glowing skin. It is a good source of antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage, including vitamin C, which is necessary for the formation of collagen, and essential fatty acids to hold in moisture. Use ripe avocado in natural beauty recipes for the skin to soften, nourish, and to prevent wrinkles.

You can simply mash an avocado and smear onto the face and neck. Leave on until the fruit has dried. Use a warm wash cloth to wash away. Splash the face with cool water and pat dry. For dry skin add one teaspoonful of sesame oil. For mature skin mix with a whipped egg white. For sensitive skin mash with two drops of chamomile essential oil. For oily skin mix in one tablespoon of witch hazel.

Fruit Recipes for Glowing Skin

Strawberries, grapes, pineapple, apples, and papaya are all excellent sources of alpha-hydroxy acids. These fruit acids act as natural exfoliants, removing dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy cells and glowing skin. By releasing these old cells they also help to prevent the dead cells from clogging oil glands. There are many excellent skin care products available that contain alpha-hydroxy acids. You can also make a homemade face mask yourself using any of these fruit recipes for glowing skin. For each recipe, blend all ingredients in the blender. Then apply the natural paste to your face. Leave on for twenty minutes and then rinse well.

How to Get Glowing Skin with Natural Beauty Recipes

For radiant skin and a smooth complexion you need to take excellent care of your skin with a healthy diet, body cleansing, and good skin care habits. Try these recipes for homemade face masks, alternating between the different ingredients for well-rounded care. Use essential oils, avocado masks, and fruit face mask treatments rather then the same recipe each week. Glowing skin is possible, and with homemade natural beauty recipes, you can control each ingredient that goes onto your skin.